#18 – “The Visitors” – It sure is quiet today…

It sure is quiet today…

Besides being the day being late, it does feel a bit lonely in Windia today.  This is the Ch. 1 OSSS HQ, and it barely has any people.  Is it just me, or am I missing something here?

Is there a PQ I’m missing out on or something?

Oh well.

In other news, Nexon posted a notice about a major, yet minor incident of dead gifted permanent pets.  You can read it in detail here.  Basically, it says that Nexon’s bug was dealt with and will be fixed in the next server maintenance.

Now, here is a new section I’m starting to pique interest in this blog…

The Daily Link!

Anyways, I’ll be posting daily links to related websites that are probably not too relevant here.

The first DL (Daily Link) is this.  It’s a BasilMarket screenie of the most recent version (to this article’s creation) of MapleSEA.  This is version v.95, and, surprisingly, MapleSEA (South-East Asia, for those that don’t know) has only gotten Crimsonwood Keep, and expansion to Masteria (accessed by the Halloween-event map that was here to stay, the Haunted Mansion).


#9 – Is it true?! Windia defeats Pink Bean!


(Picture from WhyteBar of Windia)

No, not Scania, not bera, but Windia all the way! It broke huge news on BasilMarket, here’s the thread.

Good job Windia!

As I myself am a Windian, I would not expect this.  I would expect Scania, infamous for its high level players, to legitimacy kill Pink Bean first, but no, Windia, Windia, accomplished this first.  It seems that many high-level players came together from many different guilds to achieve this feat.  The screenshot above is from BasilMarket, and there is also a video that proves that this happened.  Now, there is a huge debate going on in BasilMarket about this, but, here is the video.

I do not doubt that they are legit, so, great job Windia!