#20 – Horntail-Hogging in Scania

BasilMarket Source Thread: New Horntail Dillema in Scania | Thanks to the creator of the thread, BM user “PraisedAura.”

Horntail patrols, it seems, have been around for quite awhile.  I have only recently come upon them, and I am during a sort of investigation on them.  I’ve just updated it today.  It has been on hold for a bit now, but I shall log back in and research on Bellocan, and perhaps Windia, if I can manage it.  It seems that there is another hacker problem in Scania once again, this time to be concerned with hogging the HTPQ.

According to the thread starter, Chaos Horntail and the Regular Horntail are being killed several times a night.  Apparently, it is the same in Khaini, according to a comment below.  Are these really hacker troubles?  Or is this the power of potential-ed items?

And now for…

The Daily Link

Today’s daily link is an interesting piece of artwork based on a concept for a Sky Pirate job in MapleStory.  It is a beautiful piece of art, and it has accumulated over 300 likes on BasilMarket.  You can see it here.


#9 – Is it true?! Windia defeats Pink Bean!


(Picture from WhyteBar of Windia)

No, not Scania, not bera, but Windia all the way! It broke huge news on BasilMarket, here’s the thread.

Good job Windia!

As I myself am a Windian, I would not expect this.  I would expect Scania, infamous for its high level players, to legitimacy kill Pink Bean first, but no, Windia, Windia, accomplished this first.  It seems that many high-level players came together from many different guilds to achieve this feat.  The screenshot above is from BasilMarket, and there is also a video that proves that this happened.  Now, there is a huge debate going on in BasilMarket about this, but, here is the video.

I do not doubt that they are legit, so, great job Windia!

#8 – Alien-exterminator for Windia!

Hey, everyone!  I was just recently going around Henesys, when I found a user named CtrlFail.  He is a level 56 Aran, is selling his services to kill aliens.  He has gotten the Bing Suit and can kill the aliens!

You might find him around Henesys, but if I would use the “/find” command to find him.

I have some of his prices:

  • Time Temple – 1 million mesos
  • Dragon Cave – 800k mesos

He has given me permission to feature him on this blog.

Also, in other news…

This player to the right has also obtained the Bing Suit.  He is a level 64 Aran, and is part of the guild “BattleRoyale.”  I’m not sure if he is selling his services, but you might try to contact him if you need help.

Also, if you can use either Meso Explosion or Snipe, you can kill monsters without the suit.