#21 – “The Visitors” – Part III!

It’s here!  Part III is released!

Part III is already well-known about.  It is about a PQ that takes place in cubes, in which you will fight three bosses.  There is a huge guide on how to do the Crashed Spaceship PQ, right here on BasilMarket.

Note that the special VIP Visitors Weapons are able to be obtained in this PQ!

Currently, I cannot access Part III content.  I will try though!


#11 – “The Visitors” – Part II!

Part II started!

Yes, it is true.  Part II has started.  However, more or less because of the server crash almost a week before, there is no opening banner that says, “Part II.”  Thankfully, I have the banner right here, when the servers crashed.

However, I am currently having connection problems.  I’m not sure if it’s just me.  Channel 6 of Windia is very empty right now, and I couldn’t manage to hold a connection for more than 15 seconds.

Update! Channel 1 of Windia is strangely empty.

It must have crashed.

In other news, I’ve discovered the reason for the mysterious banner/wallpaper that first mislead people to believe it was the Krakien Jungle expansion for Masteria.  What appears to be a town in MapleStory is actually the future, where aliens took over the Maple World.

Now, the whole point of the event is to stop the aliens.  But wait, if, in the future, the whole event concluded already, does this mean that the plan doesn’t work?

Anyways, the quests required to get the Crystanol involve platforming and avoiding aliens by hiding behind bushes.

Yes, you can hide behind them.

For me, the jump quest took the most of my time.  I failed about 3 times doing it, but I finally got to the top.  Did I mention they have moving platforms?  They are very annoying, especially when you jump just a little too early.  The crystal is very big (and it strangely looks kind of like the Ellinia crystal, if I’m correct) and obvious, so you should have no hard time finding it.

You could just try to sneak past the aliens and lose your Crystanol Shard when you get caught, or, you could just change channels.  Yes, it teleports you back to the base, but you can just go back to the future and talk to Rozz.  After that, you acquire the Bing Machine, the entire set.  I love how I can finally kill aliens now.

Yeah, my character looks sharp. (Of course I’m kidding!)

After you acquire the suit, you can now start a string of four repeatable quests which will give you tokens to upgrade your suit with.  I heard you can upgrade your suit to a permanent state, but only if you have all of your upgrades maxed out, I think.

Well, since I’m not doing the quests today, I’ll update this blog later.

Oh, and this is definitely being added to the “History of GMS” page.

#5 – “The Visitors” Event – Part II Rollback!

Part II Rollback to Part I!

*Gasp!*  Part II was canceled due to unknown technical difficulties.  Nexon took a lot of time during their unscheduled maintenance, going on for about five hours.  You can find the notice here:  Link to Nexon article.

Apparantly, most, or all of the servers crashed for unknown reasons.  It took Nexon about 15-30 minute to take action and close the game.  The game went offline, and many users scrambled to BasilMarket to talk about it.  Here is the thread that BasilMarket moderator/sherrif Eeveepony set up for this:  Link to BasilMarket thread.  It goes on for 90 pages, so watch out.

Now, to address the difficulties/bugs that came with this maintenance:

Apparantly, aliens have popped up all over the world.  These “monsters” are invincible, unless you have the “Bing Machine” equipped.

Which, ironically, was released as a part of Part II of this event.

This also means that we can’t obtain it because Part II, was, in a sense, rolled back.

These monsters don’t give any damage when you contact with them, but the problem is, they steal monster spawn slots and prevent other monsters from spawning. Which, for high-level people, can be a problem if they didn’t obtain the suit within the small time-frame that the servers crashed.

However, this BasilMarket thread informs people that some people have retained their suits, and are able to kill monsters.  Perhaps we could bribe/pay them to kill these monsters for us.

So, basically, for a few days, we are sitting ducks, most EXP gain in the world is stopped, and only a few people can restore monsters to their spawn slots.  This means, for a few days, we might see people buying people’s services to kill these monsters.  If you can kill these monsters, they give 150 EXP each, and they spawn more aliens if you attack them.

Update: According to this BasilMarket thread, you are able to kill aliens with these skills:

  • Meso Explosion
  • Snipe

Brilliant.  I hope that Nexon doesn’t get any ideas from this…

However, there is one good thing about this–indoor places, such as Ellinia’s Forest Dungeons, are unaffected by the aliens.  Now, I am not sure if this applies to the Dead Mines or other places, but it does work there.  Also, mini-dungeons are un-affected by this alien invasion.

#4 – “The Visitors” Event! Part II Post-poned!

Today was the start of “The Visitors” Event’s Part/Stage II!  It seems exciting, but there is some problems today…

The Server Crashed!



The servers of Windia, Broa, Bera, Scania, Mardia, Khaini and others crashed today.  Upon the start of Part II, the majority of the channels on the servers crashed and disconnected many Maplers.  BasilMarket is in a scramble, and there is so much activity that a thread was designated to this issue on this website.  This thread has grown very fast in just a matter of minutes.  The thread is currently growing very fast, and is at 48 pages.  Here is the link to the thread:  link to thread.

Nexon still hasn’t addressed this issue.

Update! Nexon did an unscheduled server maintenance to deal with this problem.  Link to article:  here.

The two pictures above are of Channel 7 and Channel 2.  I have been disconnected several times.  Channel 4 and 7 seemed to be the only ones that didn’t crash.  I connected long enough to get screenshots of both the filled Channel 7 and the empty Channel 2.

What is the cause of this sudden server crash? Was there a rollback?

I’ve been hearing some slight speculation that either hackers are invading MapleStory, the servers are being over-loaded, or that Stages 1 and 2 of this event are going at the same time.  Stage II was supposed to happen in 7 days.  But, the banner’s screen says “Part II” instead of  “Stage II.”

lailaimoon says:  “Maybe these problems are because Nexon is cramming too many contents into patches at a time? -o-“

kikutaiamu (or thetank2 on basil) says: “It’s probably because as of now, stage 1 and stage 2 are happening SIMULTANEOUSLY.

Perhaps, this is happened because of this person?

redlinexd says:  ” every since potential came out, everything is eff’d up, did u guys see the person who potentialed a red craven over 24 times? how on earth does that happen?”

kikutaiamu (or thetank2 on basil) said in response:  “He ENHANCED his craven 24 times, not POTENTIALLED. it happens because of a PACKET EDITOR hack.

Maybe there was, as of this comment on a thread from BasilMarket as proof:

LightAmazigh says: “Because before setting up a shop, I was equipped with a Red Whip, until I decided to remove it. But when I went on again, I saw myself wearing that Red Whip

Everyone seems to be in a scramble. Many people seem to be upset about the server crash.  Many are quoting the end of the world, 2012, and are blaming Nexon for this.  Nexon is currently working on this, and started a server maintenance.

But, they are still angry.  Is there going to be a second major rollback, like the Explorer’s Ring Event?


Yeah, many people are angry.  But, if you were doing the Part II quest, there might be a way to get your Crystanol back:

mintroparan says: “I got d/ced for the maintenance right when I was about to get my Bing Suit.
Heres a tip: Once you get the Crystanol Fragment, go out and get hit by a monster, then cc, you will get your fragment back.
You only get the fragment back, when you are in the room with the quest’s NPC in it.”

Thanks, mintroparan.

Your characters should not be stuck in the event map if it is canceled, delayed, or etc.

wjang59 (BS username) says:  “well pretty much that means alot of characters might be stuck untill next week [including me since i was at the event map]”

Golfek says in response: “Unless you haven’t noticed. If you log out in the Deep Sea, Mine, etc. you get sent back to Henesys when you log in.”