History of GMS

The history of Global MapleStory is a long one.  MapleStory was Nexon Corp.’s first venture in North America.  Global MapelStory was established in 2005? (not sure here), with only Victoria Island, and three jobs.  Here is a following archive of MapleStory updates/events/news:

Note that this section is incomplete.


  • Cash Shop released, charge only with PayPal.
  • Wizet + NXgames partnership announced.
  • Website re-vamped.
  • New EULA.


  • Update to Version 0.9.


  • Update to Version 0.10.  First Halloween event.  It consists of picking up candy.


  • Update to Version 0.11.  First Halloween event ends.


  • Update to Version 0.12.  PIN system implemented.
  • First Thanksgiving event started.  It consists of  collecting letters of the name, “MAPLESTORY,” and item-dropping turkeys.


  • Update to Version 0.89.  A special, moving storyline event called, “The Visitors,” is started.  It features four parts that become unlocked with time.  Stage/Part I begins.


  • Scania, Broa, Bera, Mardia, Khaini and Windia crash.
  • “The Visitors” Event’s Stage/Part II begins, then is set back to normal by Nexon.  A bug causes semi-invincible aliens to wreck monster spawns all around the world, with only a few people being able to even hit them.  Just a note, you need to have the Bing Machine equipped just to be able to hit the aliens.  Sadly, the Bing Machine’s quest line was removed because Part II was “rolled-back,” in a sense.



  • “The Visitors” Event’s Part II begins when it really was supposed to start.  The alien outbreak is calmed due to the release of the Bing Machine, which lets players hit aliens.


  • “The Visitors” Event’s Part III begins.  It also introduced an exclusive, limited time PQ.


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