#22 – “Dev Blog” – An Insight Into Localization

Nexon’s Article: GM Blogs – Dev Blog – Localization

Hey, guys!  I know my updates on Part III has been slow, but I have recently discovered something!  You should have too, because it is set on the GMS main page.  Anyways, this is the first issue of the Dev Blog, or the “Developers Blog,” hosted by Nexon.  Interesting.

Highlights include that most content comes from KMS, but sometimes, localization/maintenance teams dedicated to each version of the game might occasionally get the green light to create more original content.  I believe that “The Visitors” event was original content created by GMS (and possibly TaMS, Taiwan MapleStory).  The blog also says that they might take content not just from KMS, but all other versions of MapleStory, such as JMS  (Japan MapleStory).

As a side note, there are ten versions of MapleStory:

  1. KMS (South Korea)
  2. JMS (Japan)
  3. CMS (China)
  4. TaMS (Taiwan)
  5. ThMS (Thailand)
  6. Maple SEA (South-East Asia)
  7. GMS (called Global, but is mostly for North America)
  8. EMS (Europe)
  9. BMS (Brazil)
  10. VMS (Vietnam)

If you see “GMST,” keep notice that the “T” means “Test Server,” or, “Tespia.”

We mostly keep tabs on KMS.  We focus on Korea, because, as it says in the article, because it was established first, most updates come from Korea, and we can therefore have a peek into the future of MapleStory in KMS.  Even better, if one is able to get onto the Tespia server in KMS, we can even be at the forefront of new content.  A great blog that I frequently read is “Spadow’s Blog.”  Spadow is a popular KMST player that blogs in English, and can therefore relay new information to us.  His blog is very popular, and has over 300,000 views.  He is one of those that revealed the Big Bang update (which is currently coming up), which will drastically change MapleStory into a new world, with refurnished maps, adjusted monsters, new skill animations, three new jobs, and a new, black interface.  You can read about it on Spadow’s Blog, and I will post links to him since he has excellent videos and information.

And now for…

The Daily Link

Today’s “Daily Link” is on Spadow’s Blog, his post on September 23, 2008.  It is about the “Mu Lung Dojo,” a quite old update that has been here for sometime now, and it does give us a perspective on the past.


#19 – Big Bang – Shadower > Night Lord in Mobbing

Yup, you heard me, that’s right! The Shadower seems to have an awesome DPM on mobs now, outperforming the Night Lord by far. From this Shadower video and this Night Lord video, the Shadower seems to be the superior job here! What speed! With the added flash jump, the Shadower improves!

Note that the levels are very similar–I got AristosMS’ videos for this one.

I’m not sure about the other jobs, but Shadowers rule!

Will there be a bandwagon?  Read a BasilMarket video’s comments about Shadowers after the Big Bang here.