#21 – “The Visitors” – Part III!

It’s here!  Part III is released!

Part III is already well-known about.  It is about a PQ that takes place in cubes, in which you will fight three bosses.  There is a huge guide on how to do the Crashed Spaceship PQ, right here on BasilMarket.

Note that the special VIP Visitors Weapons are able to be obtained in this PQ!

Currently, I cannot access Part III content.  I will try though!


#3 – The Visitors Event! Part I!

“The Visitor’s” Event is here!

The Visitor’s event is a special event that was released in both Thailand MS and GMS, and features a changing, dynamic storyline based on alien invaders.  Yes, they are specifically invaders, and the storyline is based around the efforts of the OSSS (Omega Section Secret Service).

Basically, this is Doctor Bing’s self-proclaimed definition and mission of the OSSS:

“The OSSS is a special Intelligence Organization within Omega Sector.  Our mission is to collect intelligence about aliens and this is our base.”

Starting the event for the first time, you will see the image on the top of this page, and this other image after:

The visitors have set their ships above Henesys, and you are prompted to “answer a phone call” in Henesys.  After a short chain of quests and events, you are set up to escort a researcher to the base of the OSSS:

Oh, and did I mention you get an awesome MACHINE ROBOT TRANSFORMATION?

The controls are these:

Regular ATK Button: Single-enemy attack, hits for 2200.

Skill Button:  Multiple-enemy laser attack, hits for 1200.

Jump:  High-jump.

Simply, you get some awesome transformations!

Also, it seems that Part II might become a full-scale war with the aliens! Here is a quote from Doctor Bing:

“You know that scientists are always being kidnapped, right?  General Maestro views these kidnapping as an act of aggression and is preparing for a full-scale war.  Unfortunately, we can’t win against the aliens with our current technology…”

Check back here for more info as I continue to cover this event!