#23 – No… Big Bang is coming to GMS?!

No.  N-n-nah-nah-nah-nah-no.  No.  Wow.

Big Bang is coming to GMS!

Nexon’s Article: The Rebirth of the MapleWorld

Nexon America is bring the very prestigious “Big Bang” update to GMS.  ‘Nuff said.

<- This is the Korean banner.

This is the banner they just released:


#19 – Big Bang – Shadower > Night Lord in Mobbing

Yup, you heard me, that’s right! The Shadower seems to have an awesome DPM on mobs now, outperforming the Night Lord by far. From this Shadower video and this Night Lord video, the Shadower seems to be the superior job here! What speed! With the added flash jump, the Shadower improves!

Note that the levels are very similar–I got AristosMS’ videos for this one.

I’m not sure about the other jobs, but Shadowers rule!

Will there be a bandwagon?  Read a BasilMarket video’s comments about Shadowers after the Big Bang here.

#1 – Tespia and the Invaders

Link to Nexon’s Articles:

The invaders are coming!  Apparently, some people had suspicions about a new wallpaper that had come out recently a few days ago.  What was it?  It couldn’t be Neo Tokyo because the backgrounds and characters in the wallpaper didn’t look like it.  Was it a Masteria expansion?  Yes, maybe!  The Krakian Jungle of Masteria was noted to be a very highly-advanced civilization, in the middle of a jungle.

Most people thought it was this… until recently.

It has been revealed by the article I linked to that this wallpaper shows pictures of not a new Masteria area, but new content for GMS.  There is even an exclusive party quest just for GMS, though the area has been released in ThailandMS, though, according to this article, we got the content on the new Tespia server first.

So welcome to GMS, Tespia!