#10 – Tespia – Requirements to Become a Tester

Link to Nexon’s ArticleGM Blogs: Angry Panda: This is a Test

And, thank you to Cujo00 (or, Cujo00x on BasilMarket) for creating this thread.

Tespia, Tespia, oh, Tespia.  I myself long to get a hold of your exclusive content.  But how?  Well, thanks to a GM Blog that just came out today, we get a hold of the four basic guidelines they used to pick Tespia testers:
As quoted directly from the website:

The question is, how do we select the people who get to participate in the Tespia tests?

The purpose of Tespia is to test. That means we choose our selection criteria based on the needs of the test, not the merit of the players.

Let’s take our last Tespia session. In that case we kept the criteria fairly loose because there was a broad selection of gameplay we were looking to test. We had four basic qualifications that players had to meet:

1. A candidate had to have registered at least six months before the date of the test.
2. A candidate had to have had at least three logins per week for the past 30 days.
3. A candidate had to have at least one level 30 or higher character.
4. A candidate had to have absolutely no ban or abuse history.
After that we tried to pull in people with a wide variety of playstyles for the Visitors test. It’s a mark of how great Maplers are as a community that setting those criteria netted us way, way more players than we could possibly invite. For this test, we were restricting the number of invitations to a specific number of players. This wasn’t an arbitrary number. Rather it was the amount we needed to get the data necessary for a successful test. Once we had our initial list, we sorted it based on the number of logins in the past 30 days and cut that list off when we hit that number. It was really that simple.

Well, there you have it folks.  Basically, you need to be active, you need to achieve a semi-low level 30, and you need to be a good player that doesn’t cheat.