#16 – What’s this?

Hello, guys!  I got a new comic that’s here just to entertain people here.  It has original graphics hand-crafted by me, except for the fonts.  Besides that, the sprites, the trees, the rain, etc. are all products of my work.  This is just something I create, so I’m hosting it here.  It has no relevance to MapleStory, but I’m hosting it here since BasilMarket comics have gotten me to create this.

Update: I’ve decided to discontinue this series after review from others.  Thank you.


#15 – I’m Back!

Hey, guys.  If you didn’t read post #13, you probably didn’t know that I was away from here.  I haven’t posted for the past two/three days, but now I’m back.  I’m going to start investigating again.

Currently, I’m working on investigating these rumored “Boss Patrols.”  I’m new to this, but I know that some of you readers might know about this already.  This is why I hope to give you a wide perspective by not just exploring/covering my own world of Windia or just Scania, but I hope to give a multi-worldly view of this phenomenon.

#13 – Notice – Over 250 hits! (and something else)

Well, according to my utilities on my dashboard here, we have over 250 views (or hits)!  Apparently, I got a lot of views (about 150) from the server crashes of “The Visitors” event.  Truthfully, I advertised this on BasilMarket, which led be to getting banned until tomorrow.  I should not do this in the future.

But, thank you for coming to this blog!  When starting on August 15, 2010, the blog didn’t get so much views.  Thank you, and I will continue contributing to this blog.

In other news, I will not be posting on this blog until August 29th/30th for personal reasons.  I will be back, but I will be gone for about two days or so.  Sorry.

#0 – Welcome to the blog!

Welcome to Widojin’s MapleStory News! This is my first MapleStory news blog, and it will focus on the Global version of MapleStory.

I created this blog because new GMS exclusive content pushed me to.  Now, I will try and give information on MapleStory updates and GMS things.  I may just spin things around, but oh well.

My in-game character is Widojin on Windia, in GMS.  I might create more in the future, but for now, this is all I have.;

Thanks for coming to this blog, everyone!