#19 – Big Bang – Shadower > Night Lord in Mobbing

Yup, you heard me, that’s right! The Shadower seems to have an awesome DPM on mobs now, outperforming the Night Lord by far. From this Shadower video and this Night Lord video, the Shadower seems to be the superior job here! What speed! With the added flash jump, the Shadower improves!

Note that the levels are very similar–I got AristosMS’ videos for this one.

I’m not sure about the other jobs, but Shadowers rule!

Will there be a bandwagon?  Read a BasilMarket video’s comments about Shadowers after the Big Bang here.


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Austin/Vermie is known as VermillionAzure on GitHub and Stack Overflow. In real life, he is a student at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa studying computer engineering. His interests include programming language design and static analysis.

2 Responses to #19 – Big Bang – Shadower > Night Lord in Mobbing

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hate to brake it to you, but shadowers have always mobbed better than NLs. NLs are only more popular because of their single target massacre abilities (bossing).

    • Widojin says:

      Thank you for that helpful comment. This is new to me, and I have gained something from this. I do not know the most about MapleStory, but it’s good that you broke this to me. Thank you.

      But now, perhaps the Shadowers won’t be the worst at bossing. I got some sort of stats from BasilMarket and Spadow that the Shadower would have the highest DPM on a single target… given they have the greatest equips, they are level 200, and they are using the Onyx Apple. That’s at peak performance. However, the corsair beats them constantly if they don’t have these three.

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